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Dr. Mario Delgadillo M.D

Dr.Mario Delgadillo


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Urologist in Tijuana, Mexico., Dr. Mario Delgadillo Tovar is committed to giving his patients the best experience possible by focusing on innovative treatments, exceptional service and superior outcomes. Our highly skilled urologist works within state-of-the-art facilities where we are dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable and valued. 

Dr. Delgadillo is the only urologist in Tijuana to offer the patented Renova® for erectile dysfunction, an advanced therapy for restoring function without the need for other medications.

He also performs minimally invasive robotic laparoscopic surgery called the Da Vinci® Surgical System to treat conditions such as prostate cancer, and laser treatments to remove kidney stones.


Dr. Delgadillo’s mission is to ensure every patient has a superior experience. Our mission drives every aspect of our organization and everything we do. We are integrating this mindset throughout the organization so that we will make a positive difference in the life of every patient. 


Our vision is to be the nation’s leading urologic group practice through our commitment to accessible, high quality, cost-effective care, patient satisfaction, and community involvement.

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When a patient is referred to a urologist, it is due to an extremely difficult condition such as overactive bladder, kidney stones, pelvic organ prolapse or even prostate cancer. When you are faced with such situations, the last thing you want to have to worry about is not having a urologist you can trust or having a urologist who isn’t concerned about your needs as a patient.

We offer compassionate and exceptional urology care in tijuana to both women and men. We treat a number of conditions, and we offer many different urological procedures. We also ensure that our patients have a comprehensive understanding of their medical situations and the best available options before they make any decisions regarding treatment.

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Just a few minutes away from the US-Mexico border, Our facility is located in the upscale district of Zona Urbana Rio. Patients who undergo treatment with Dr. Mario Delgadillo can rest assured that we adhere to the highest standards regarding, sanitation, safety, personnel, surgical equipment, and emergency protocols. Our board-certified surgical urologist Dr. Mario Delgadillo performs all surgeries in our internationally accredited surgical center, which is located onsite in the Hospital Angeles.

Our focus on delivering top tier medical care with the most modern technology and services – including state-of-the art operating rooms and diagnostic services. When you undergo a surgical procedure at our surgical center, you can feel absolutely confident you are receiving the gold standard in medical and patient care.

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"Our mission is to ensure every patient has a superior experience. Our mission drives every aspect of our organization and everything we do."

Dr. Mario Delgadillo

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